Musician   guitar
Born in Rome 2nd January 1974
He starts soon the study of piano while he is also interested in approaching and going deeper with other instruments and particularly guitar.
In 1990 he leaves the academicals scholarship to take up a personal research and exploration of the 20th century’s music in detail the works of Janacek, Skryabin and Satie.
With a personal approach of the score reading he starts a new form of improvisation  based on the geometrical lines that compose the score itself.
In 1994 he discovers electronic music and under the alias of PIOTR he starts to release a long series of demotapes in which he works with overdubbed lines of homemade/toys instruments
Since 1998 he attends the courses at the ACCADEMIA FILARMONICA of Bologna (department of movies sound- tracks).
Since 1994 he plays with many groups, bands and artists, working with contemporary music, rock, experimental music, movies and videos.
In the following years he collaborates with:
Di Ciommo (soundtracks for two video works), the band Norma, the R.A.F.B. orchestra for the event “musiche dal mondo a Valle Giulia”, the composer Elio Polizzi (sound track for the movie SUMMERLOVE, 2001) and a lot of emergent talents from the Italian musical scene, such as: Elizabeth, Gianluca Melchiorri and Laura Tassarin.
During the 2001 he creates, together with Riccardo Conti and Matteo Quintiliani, the group GENGHIS-KAR, that is an art-pop music project. With GK he realizes the concert-event “ variations on the spontaneity of the perception” where he puts in relation different aspects of creative languages exploring the possibility of breaking the roles of artist/audience.
He has been playing in many locations in Italy (supperclub, metaverso, classico, associazione degli umbri, scuderie aldobrandini etc.).
During 2003 he  regurlary teaches “modern guitar” and “complementary piano” at the R.A.F.B..
Since 2004 he collaborates with choreographer Gabriella Maiorino for the dancepieces SCARTI (2004), ANARCHISTAS(2005) and ZOO(2006-7) produced by both Italian and Dutch institutions and performed several times in theatres and festivals around Europe.
In 2006 with the help of Alessio Castellacci he forms the band
Très Lent a laboratory of minimal-electronic-fragile-pop music.
They collaborates with differents artists in the fields of music, dance, video and performing acts.
In 2007 he also make the music for BREAKING THE CIRCLE a piece by dancer/choreograoher Ezequiel Sanucci.
Now he’s involved as music assistance/composer on the project CROSSTOWN DH in Den Haag with the supervision of KORZO THEATER.  
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